1100 Series -- has excellent appearance, corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity, bending, forming ,and drawing charateristics. Used in the production of satellite dishes, automotive, food utensils/equipment, lighting industry, heating/air conditioning cabinetry, building and construction
3000 Series -- Great for visual end uses, corrosion resistant. forms well, and deep drawing charateristics, brazes and welds, in some applications can be a substitute for other more expensive alloys. End uses include appliance, recreational vehicles, architectural applications, fan blades, vents, hinges and other hardware, lighting applications, pots and pans, roofing, rainware and soffits.
5005 -- Properties similar to 3003, this alloy is used in architectural applications for its anodizing characteristics. It has high strength, good corrosion resistance, and a brighter appearance when compared to 5052. Versatile with good formability and durability in exterior applications
5052 -- A high strength, multi-use alloy that has good bend characteristics, uniform appearance, bendability, and versatility. Used in a variety of applications from lighting, automotive, truck trailer, recreational vehicles, structural applications, flooring, tanks, and general distribution
6061 Non-heat treatable -- High corrosion resistance, good formability, drawing and workability. Less expensive than the heat treatable products, it can be used for automotive applications, wheels, luggage, furniture, railroad applications, magazine clips, other military applications and drawing products
6000 Series Heat treatable -- Higher in strength, dent resistance and weldable the T tempered alloys are used for forgings, railroad cars, aerospace, automotive, truck and marine frames, and pipelines. Extruded applications are used in architectural and structural applications including geodesic domes

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